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Home CCTV installation company in Warwickshire

We provide the installation and maintenance of home CCTV throughout Warwickshire. Our professional and easy-to-use CCTV systems can be installed in and around your home to pro-actively deter and capture activity on your property.



Our CCTV systems are made up the latest and most reliable camera's, recording equipment and cabling. We stay on trend with technology to make sure you're only ever supplied with the best equipment according to your budget and requirements.



Our CCTV systems are set-up to take care of themselves - Large hard-drives will record continuously or only when motion is detected within the range of any camera on the system. Once the hard drive is full the oldest footage will be overwritten with the new recordings, ensuring you have a continuous and seamless view of all CCTV cameras on your system. 

Our intelligent recorders and CCTV equipment adjust to various scenarios and automatically boot up and continue as normal after power or network loss meaning you don't need to worry about programmed settings.


Mobile Monitoring

Monitor and review footage from your home CCTV system via most mobile devices - Our CCTV systems are hooked up to your home broadband connection to allow you to view and review the camera's footage while you're out and about, from any internet connection around the World.

This service works on most mobile devices including iPhone's and Android mobile phones, iPads, tablet PC's and on Microsoft laptops and PCs.


We provide:

  • Home CCTV - Professional, easy-to-use CCTV systems to protect your home and belongings
  • Commercial CCTV - Indoor, outdoor, in the workshop... our commercial CCTV solutions offer the best security and monitoring for business

CCTV offers the ideal solution for any premises to protect your property, deter thieves or vandals, monitor property from other locations and provide reliable evidence to the police and courts should anything ever happen under your CCTV cameras.


Mobile Monitoring - Keep an eye on things on the go

We connect your CCTV up to your mobile phone, iPad, tablet PC or laptop so you can monitor your cameras and play-back footage while you're away. You're always just a couple of clicks away from your monitored property's CCTV.


30 Years of Experience

Our vast experience in domestic and commercial security means we can provide you with proven equipment and solutions to ensure you get the best, most practical camera solutions and the most competitive prices and with a wealth of installation knowledge to back it all up.

Contact us today to arrange for a quote for your home CCTV requirements.

Some of our clients include:

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Protect Nuneaton are a CCTV company in Warwickshire and the Midlands installing high-end CCTV solutions for homes and businesses throughout the region.

Established in 1989, we are CCTV and alarm installation company providing simple or complex security solutions to business and domestic customers in Warwickshire & Leicestershire.